Holland Marine Lifts

By doing something different every day we developed our unique craftsmanship.

The perfectionism of a family business

As a family business, Holland Marine Lifts is small enough to be deeply and earnestly involved in projects. The technical draftsman peeks over the welder’s shoulder, and vice versa. With a family business, you often see a bit more of a sense of responsibility. After all, it is our name, and our bread and butter.

That perfectionism appears to be especially practical in our work. We are therefore known for unique, creative lift solutions with an unparalleled, high level of quality. Our technicians, draftsmen and purchasers always have the space to go one step further if that will benefit the finished product.

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By working with the best of the best we learned what it means to think without limits.

Doing something different every day

As designer and producer of custom lift solutions, we work on a different challenge every day. You find our lifts everywhere: in luxurious (super-) yachts, the offshore industry and navy ships. Due to the highly professional environments, you only encounter the very best of the best in their fields, from carpenters to welders and from maritime architects to artists. They are the leaders in their fields, and Holland Marine Lifts simply fits in perfectly.

Maritime lift engineering is a challenging area of technology.

Use all your technical creativity

From Holland Marine Lifts’ first projects in 2002, we have exclusively worked on custom projects. We thus fill a need that is answered by few in our market. With a relatively small team and the perfectionism that is part of a family business like Holland Marine Lifts, our people have the space and the responsibility to utilise all their technical creativity. The space, because our product benefits from close collaboration between the disciplines. And the responsibility, because we are regularly forced to think outside all the usual solutions.