Holland Marine Lifts

Cylindrical glass lift

  • 1

    The transparency makes you feel like you are flying

    The cylindrical glass lift is transparent because glass panels adorn the lift from floor to ceiling. A moment in this lift is no longer a moment of waiting, but a moment that gives you the feeling of flying. You move through the yacht and see, deck by deck, how this masterpiece is built. No longer is a lift purely functional; this lift gives you an experience as well.

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    The lift as the eye-catcher on the yacht

    The best thing is standing in this lift, but looking at it is certainly no chore either. The cylindrical glass lift is an eye-catcher specially designed for the central stairwell in the yacht. Just walking past without an appreciative glance is unthinkable.

  • 3

    No limits when it comes to design

    Every yacht is totally different, and that applies for this glass lift as well. Interior designers can design the lift in such a way that it connects seamlessly with the appearance of the rest of the yacht. Would you like bronze elements? Or to make use of polished stainless steel? Feel the freedom that this lift gives you to create the unique design that you want.

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    Our work does not stop before the finishing touch

    This lift is an experience, a work of art in itself, and it demands a high degree of finish. Down to the details, we make it so that what you do not want to see is invisible, and we ensure that what you do want to see catches the eye. We attend to this from the start and carry through to the finishing touch.