Holland Marine Lifts

Passenger lift

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    Makes mobility of people as fluid as water

    The personnel on a yacht are always hard at work to provide maximal comfort for every guest. That demands a good deal from them, but also from the busy infrastructure on board. With a passenger lift, the personnel can smoothly and calmly bring baggage to the rooms, or ride with food trolleys from the galley to the pantries. The essence of the passenger lift is to allow logistics on board to go smoothly.

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    Operates as quietly as still water

    To achieve the comfortable feeling on the yacht, it is necessary to reduce disturbing noises as much as possible. We have therefore designed a hydraulic lift that, next to be reliable and easy to use, is simultaneously your silent partner on board. In addition, the movement that the lift makes is comfortably fluid, thanks to the electronically controlled lift valve that we use.

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    Little need for maintenance

    We create the passenger lifts that we make in such a way that they require little maintenance. We make the maintenance that does have to be done as easy as possible. We thus work with parts that we know from experience will have few disruptions. The control block in this lift is an example of that. By working with the right parts, the reliability and precision of the lift is increased.

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    Various dimensions

    Space is scarce on board. That is why we work creatively with the available space on a yacht. We can thus make the pit under the lift and the outlet above it smaller if needed. It goes without saying that we custom-make the passenger lift for the work process on board.