Holland Marine Lifts

We are always looking for the perfect match

Holland Marine Lifts has a very unique skill set. The designing and production of customised lifts ensures a broad palette of disciplines and a high level of craftsmanship. That makes us an interesting partner that can take on the most diverse issues with a great deal of creativity.

We are always looking for new partnerships in which we can work together on building a product. Do you see a strong, strategic combination in a relationship with Holland Marine Lifts? Then we look forward to talking with you.

In our work, we meet the best of the best in many disciplines each day.

Our partnership in Singapore

ARON Lifts in Singapore is one of our strategic partners. Together we have sold and installed custom-made lifts to numerous projects of the big yards in the Asian region. Where ARON Lifts can take care of the local customer contact in the language the customer speaks, we can give them technical back up from sales to commissioning.

That increases the power of both of us: ARON Lifts has immediate access to European knowledge that is in high demand, so that they can bring more to projects. We have a strong local player that offers us access to a market that is otherwise inaccessible to us.