Holland Marine Lifts

Crew & Cargo lift

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    A crew lift created with the focus on safety

    Where work is done, safety is the first priority. And that gets special attention when we are talking about the navy. It is not without reason that this kind of lift is equipped, for example, with an intercom and PA speakers, two individual cableways for signal cables and power cables, a safety catch mechanism on both the car and counter weight and an escape hatch in the car ceiling. 

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    The capacity and interior you need for cargo transport

    Next to transporting people, this lift is also suited to the transport of goods. By default, the lifts are provided with a stiff frame and 316 stainless steel wall panels. But in order to ensure that the lift meets the demands that the transport of goods makes, we increase the capacity of the lift and outfit it with an extra-robust interior. 

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    Mobility from deck to deck

    The essence of a navy lift is mobility from deck to deck. Our crew/cargo lift is adapted as much as possible to the transport streams that you have on board. We thus take into account the dimensions that the ship needs, and we modify the lift with bumpers to protect the car walls and tie down fittings to secure the load, so that it fits the way you have to work.

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    Designed for International Standards

    We are accustomed to working with the design requirements of different inspection agencies around the world. The design requirements that we often encounter include: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Bureau Veritas (BV) Det Norske Veritas GL (DNV GL) Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) NORSOK