Holland Marine Lifts

Crew lift

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    Makes mobility of people as fluid as water

    Transportation streams are important in offshore applications. The crew is continuously on the move with different logistics streams. Each second that you can save is worth money. We match a crew lift as much as possible to the specific tasks for which the lift will be used, so that it will contribute to efficiency. 

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    A crew lift created with the focus on safety

    Safety is a priority, always. This kind of lift is therefore also equipped with an intercom, two individual cableways for the signal cables and power cables, a safety catch mechanism and an escape hatch in the car ceiling. The lift is optionally equipped with SOLAS A60 fire-rated doors. The large amount of technology that is needed here cannot lead to more disruptions; we therefore work with parts that we know from experience are not very sensitive to disruptions.

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    Created for the life offshore

    Each crew lift is custom-made by us for the situation in which it will do its work. This kind of crew lift is thus strikingly quiet, so that it always remains quiet in the sleeping areas that border the lift shaft. The interior of the lift can take a beating and takes into account situations that hopefully will be rare: the transport of stretchers if an accident happens.

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    Designed for International Standards

    We are accustomed to working with the design requirements of different inspection agencies around the world. The design requirements that we often encounter include: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Bureau Veritas (BV) Det Norske Veritas GL (DNV GL) Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) NORSOK