Holland Marine Lifts

Hydraulic cargo platform lift

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    More capacity for your deck crane(s)

    With the hydraulic cargo platform lift, standard-size sea containers can move up to 15,000 kilos from the deck into the hold, in order to be cleared out there. Having this kind of lift saves a great deal of crane capacity that would otherwise have to lower the containers into the hold with great precision. A handy aid on board: the cranes have other things to do!

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    Includes a weather-tight hatch

    Holland Marine Lifts increasingly delivers the cargo platform lift on request including a custom-made, weather-tight flush hatch or coaming. It is even possible to have the lift platform itself function as a flush hatch. The complete lift is prepared in our workplace, so that the installation on site is smooth and flawless.

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    Makes the chance of damage very small

    With the hydraulic cargo platform lift, the container goes down in a closed lift shaft. Down below, the container is immediately cleared out from the platform. The chance of damage with this method is especially small. The construction of the lift also contributes: a PAWL device prevents the lift from sinking down when it is loaded.

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    Increases the level of safety

    Thanks to the hydraulic cargo platform lift, there are a good many fewer accidents on board. There is no longer a hole in the deck to fall into, and there are no people standing under a container that is being lowered below.