Holland Marine Lifts

Custom-made dumbwaiter

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    Vertical transport for small loads

    This small, practical goods lift is an indispensable extra man on board. The dumbwaiter saves the crew climbing many stairs, carries even the heaviest loads, is ready for you 24 hours per day and never asks for a raise. Our dumbwaiters are also entirely adapted to your wishes, so that it is exactly the right man for the job.

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    Designed for your ship

    Each dumbwaiter is custom-designed by us according to the logistics stream on board, from the number of stops to the position of the access(es), with an actuator where there is space for it. We are also not limited in the design in terms of dimensions or carrying capacity. The dumbwaiter will furthermore be finished with options matched to the tasks that it has to fulfil.

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    Plug and play, or build on site

    The custom-made dumbwaiter can be delivered in two ways. The lift can be built and then hoisted into the ship, so that with the turn of a few screws and the connection of the power, the lift is ready to use. Or, if the situation calls for it, we build the lift on site in the ship. It is just a matter of what works best for you.

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    High-level safety

    The dumbwaiter is a working lift in every respect, and safety is thus a priority. The dumbwaiter is equipped with an overspeed governor and a safety catch mechanism, and you can optionally choose SOLAS A60 fire-rated landing doors. All our designs also conform with international design requirements and are tested by the testing agencies concerned.