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The Importance of Architectural Design for Superyacht Marine Lifts

As technology and innovation continue to advance, so does the development of state-of-the-art architecture for superyacht marine lifts. Historically the marine lift was once just a method of on-vessel transportation, but today, it has become one of the main centrepieces onboard a yacht. We will be identifying the importance of architectural design and how to achieve a timeless solution to your superyacht lift requirements.

Functionality at its finest 

First, we will take a closer look at the importance of a superyacht marine lift. Typically operated with hydraulics or electronics, marine lifts are elevators that can provide access to various levels of the yacht. Most commonly the lower levels of a yacht will facilitate watersports, tenders and water toys, whilst the upper decks are designed for lounging and dining. The convenience of a marine lift is often underestimated, particularly for those with mobility challenges. Providing a secure and efficient way to transfer guests and crew is a top priority, closely followed by the need for moving heavy equipment, tenders and yachting supplies around the vessel. Having a well-functioning marine lift is crucial for a superyacht’s onboard operation, safety and day-to-day functionality. 

It is important to appreciate the unique environment that marine lifts operate in. With formidable operating conditions, a marine lift will require regular maintenance and upkeep. To guarantee continuous operation, Holland Marine Lifts (HML) can work with you on a long-term basis towards the service and maintenance of marine lifts, even if they are built by external manufacturers. This vital operation consists of annual inspection, recertification, delivery of spare parts and repairs.

Functionality at its finest

Luxury bespoke marine lifts

Marine lifts are commonly installed in highly visible areas and used frequently by passengers and crew, making them an integral part of the overall design and feel of a yacht.

In one of our latest 88.5-meter yacht installations, our team of architectural designers delivered a glass elevator that operates from the main deck to the bridge deck of the Netherlands-built yacht, Cloud 9. Moving around Cloud 9 is easy for guests, courtesy of its glass elevator. The upper deck is tailored for entertainment, boasting a sizable, sociable lounge that can be transformed into a cinema. The bridge deck, on the other hand, features a media lounge, a sit-up bar, a dayhead, and an additional outdoor dining area at the back. These are all considerations that are carefully thought through when building a bespoke elevator.

Custom superyacht elevators 

Often people who charter or own a superyacht are looking for a luxurious experience, and delivering a conscious elevator design can make all the difference. HML cater to all requirements, from narrow shafts to larger open spaces. We ensure every elevator is customised to fit the specific needs of your super yacht. Holland Marine Lifts are always up for a challenge!