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The Requirements of Your Yacht Dumbwaiter Lift


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Dumbwaiter lifts are installed in yachts to help transport food and drinks from the galley directly to the dining area or deck. They also move other goods and supplies between the different decks, including cleaning supplies, bed linens, toiletries and whatever item your crew needs. When installing your dumbwaiter system, you have to consider the requirements that will help them operate efficiently and safely onboard the yacht. 


Yacht Lift Design

Yacht dumbwaiter lifts are constructed with the marine environment in mind. Constructed from stainless steel or alternative corrosion-resistant materials, dumbwaiters are durable, easy to clean and able to withstand different weather conditions your vessel may face at sea. Holland Marine Lifts (HML) build custom-made dumbwaiters, taking into account the different layouts of a yacht. With limited available space, our lifts are compact and designed to fit perfectly into your vessel. Depending on what tasks you want the dumbwaiter to fulfil, HML will finish its design with your requirements in mind. Our lifts follow every safety precaution and remain operational whenever your yacht crew needs it. 


Dumbwaiter System

A dumbwaiter system has vertical rails that stabilise the lift as it moves between the different levels. HML dumbwaiters are easy to operate, using an electric motor and a control system that includes push buttons allowing crew members to call the lifts to their precise location. Dumbwaiters are also built with safety interlocks that prevent the doors from opening until it has reached the correct floor. This ensures safe operation and effective transportation of goods to the right level. 

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Lift Safety

Dumbwaiters are built with safety features that help maintain their smooth operation. All dumbwaiters of HML have one or more manually operated roller shutter(s), which will prevent goods from falling out of the car during travel. The dumbwaiter will not depart if the roller shutter(s) are not closed. Sensors will detect if the lift has been overloaded. The common capacity for a yacht dumbwaiter ranges from around 50 to 300 pounds (100 to 300kg), so if this weight is exceeded, the sensors will stop the lift from operating until the excess weight has been removed. 

A speed governor prevents the dumbwaiter from overspeed. A safety catch system will activate when overspeed is detected meaning the car will never fall, even when both steel wire ropes break. As the two ropes have a safety factor of 8, it is only a theoretical chance that they fail, but other things can happen with the ropes (or chains). Therefore the dumbwaiter will stop its operation when a slack rope or chain is detected. These precautions will prevent goods from being damaged and ensure the safe and proper use of your dumbwaiter. 

HML also offer yacht owners the option to include SOLAS A60 fire-rated landing doors which help prevent the spread of any potential fire and smoke. These help protect the crew and guests, as well as your dumbwaiter’s structural integrity.


Dumbwaiter Maintenance

Your dumbwaiter lift will require regular maintenance to ensure continuous and smooth operation. HML offer annual inspections that will include checking the mechanical components, ensuring all moving parts are aligned, moving smoothly, and a little lubricated. Also, the electrical and safety systems will be checked. Holland Marine Lifts ensure that all our dumbwaiters are designed and installed to meet the needs of your yacht. We comply with all marine safety standards and our designs are regularly tested by the set testing agencies.


Yacht dumbwaiter lifts are essential on yachts. They enable efficient transport of food, beverages, and supplies between decks. However, understanding the requirements to guarantee their smooth operation is key. They must be built from durable, corrosion-resistant materials and take into account the safety features needed to enhance the safety of your crew and vessel. By improving efficiency and safety, dumbwaiter lifts significantly enhance the guest and crew experience and overall functionality of the yacht.

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